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Intellectual writing leads to win scholarships for your studies


Intellectual writing is generally a content, which shows a single line of thoughts and something brand new. Each design in this line of consideration may be familiar but the actual series of information, which brings about the new brand in new line of thinking, is what creates the content of the author higher than that of any others or any others words, this is why can classify a intellectual writing.

The usage of heavy and uncommon vocabulary does not essentially define that the writing content is intellectual. It just shows that the fact about the author, which has better vocabulary and not anything, is more than that. So completing an intellectual writings or any intellectual essay is not an easy task. You can use one of the Top essay writing service for the successful completion of the essay. The following are some of the tips that you have concentrate while writing an intellectual interest essays:

Reflect, before start to write. For the last two years, which course in school made you take notice and sit up? Which class made challenges that you to think deeper, or altered the mind on something that formerly held true? Is there a class in the school, which you mainly seek forward to each of the day? Why? However, we cannot to stop school. Are there any topics, which tend you to focus on more? Which ideas or subjects that you and your friends get into heated arguments about? When will get the time to read for yourself and what kind of books those are most likely to grasp? If you have to name a topic or subject that you like to learn more about, what would you like to say? Have you ever participated any of the extracurricular activities that are related to a specific career or subject that attracts you? Make answers to these kinds of questions and seek for the pattern in the answers.

Go beyond the Obvious. The best answers to the intellectual interest prompt beyond to simple responses such as I have always enjoyed math. Instead of this, they paint an image for the reader of how interest of the students developed and describe why it matters to the student. So when you identified a few probable topics or subjects for this kind of essays, dig a little deeper. When and how did you to make a decision that this was really something of interest? Did someone else make a role in assisting you to find this interest, like a particular teacher? What are the experiences have you had that assisted shape your interest?

Focus On Specifics. One proposes people who have a transitory interest in a topic; the other proposes someone who is obsessive about a topic. As you reduce the ideas for the essay, try to concentrate in on particular areas of the topic, which attracts you more, rather than saying in broad overview.

When Possible, offer supporting evidence. The most authenticate essays will let the reader to see the action, following your interest. As an example, if you are writing on your interest in environmental science, but can’t point to any particular thing that you have done to follow this interest, and the essay will most likely not resound as much as someone who discuss about how taking on AP environmental science enthused them to begin a local recycling effort as in his city. Try to add examples of how you have developed and demonstrate your interest in the essay.

Be Honest. Don’t try to make an impact on the admission committee by writing about an academic or intellectual topic that you don’t have a genuine interest. Don’t try to make evidence of your love for the intellectual or academic topic that you don’t really feel. It may take a few thoughts to find out the right subject and approach, but the good approach will always finally be the one that stays true who truly are.

1. Make an engaging jump start to your scholarship essay paper

As you know, scholarship essays are ways of telling the story to the selection committee and permits the selection committee to get to understand you and see the potential. In many of the cases, the scholarship essay is the good chance to shine. For scholarship essay writing, you have to follow a format such as two or three pages in length, Double spaced, Times new roman format, 12 point font and one inch top, bottom and side margins.

While you begin to search scholarship opportunities, you have to rapidly determine that most of the scholarship programs for which you be eligible involve writing a scholarship valuable essay. Very little programs that based strictly on the transcript or application form. The scholarship committee like essays since they are capable to get a good sense of who the applicants truly from reading the actual writing than from the easily looking at a form or seeing a list of completed grades and classes.

The scholarship essay contests is really level the playing field and so that most of the students with different backgrounds with different levels of activities have same chances of winning college scholarship essays. Essays suggests good opportunities for all of the students who meet the assigned requirements for a scholarship program during their academic life.

If you are faced with the scholarship essay writing challenges, remind you that the attempt that you put into the essay writing signifies the choice to sell yourself to the committee of the scholarship. A winning scholarship essay is one that really puts a specific applicant apart from others. If you are telling the story persuasively and clearly, you should find out yourself delivering a congratulatory notice from the committee of scholarship.

The following are some of the tips for writing a winning scholarship essays.

  1. Read the instruction and ensure that you understand it well before starting to write the essay.
  2. Think about what you are ready to write and arrange your thoughts before you to start the essay writing
  3. You can start the essay writing procedure by writing an outline
  4. Ensure that your outline points on each of the aspect need as per the instructions
  5. Write the essay by giving a detailed description about the each points that you make in the outline
  6. Use simple, concise and clear language in the entire essay
  7. Tell your accomplishments without coming crosswise as while you are bragging
  8. Ensure that the spelling and grammar are perfect
  9. Read the question thoroughly again and again then read the essay after completion and check whether the essay touches each point
  10. Before going to submit the essay, make a revision with someone with strong editing and writing skills to proofread the essay.
2. Deeper understanding on the selection criteria by the scholarship committee

It is not easy for the scholarship committee to select a perfect essay. It is a tough process like to write a scholarship essay. In every year, most of the colleges and schools are providing the scholarship essay writing programs for the students to achieve the scholarship. The scholarship will be honoured to a recipient who is selected by the scholarship award committee to be placed by the president from a group of applicants presented to the scholarship committee by the members and administration of the conducted college or school. The applicants and winner of the scholarship essay will be selected based on certain criteria and are as follows:

  1. Overall achievements containing athletics, leadership, scholarship and participation in all of the school activities
  2. The amount in which the students has satisfied her or his potential in self-development.
  3. Overall character containing the development of a group of values and personal ethics, and admiration of community and family
  4. Maturity and social development including the capability of the students to narrate to his family, the school, peers and other social entities.

The president of the scholarship committee will appoint a scholarship award team in every year for selecting the scholarship candidate. The scholarship committee will include two directors of the corporation and one among them will be the head of the committee of the scholarship

The following are the outline of selection criteria of a scholarship essay

Overall Achievement

  1. Academic
  2. Athletic
  3. Leadership
  4. Participation in all of the school activities

Self Development (Fulfilled potential)

  1. The level in which the students has satisfied her or his potential in Self development
  2. To whom more is given and More is expected

General Character

  1. Values and Personal ethics
  2. Citizenship
  3. Appreciation from community and family

Maturity (Social Development)

  1. Peers
  2. Family
  3. School
  4. Other social entities

These are the main selection procedure criteria of a scholarship-winning essay by the scholarship committee.

3. Go through the essay prompt in specific and detail

The scholarship essay needs differ a good deal by the type of the scholarship and they normally alter from year to year. If you are serious on applying for the scholarship, it is great information to begin practicing to write scholarship essay in advance. Even though there is no method to sufficiently predict correctly what the scholarship essay subjects will be. Luckily, these subjects can vary, and so the following are some of the most common prompts that can help you to prepare yourself for any of the topics that will comes in your way

Your Personal characters and how they influence on your ambitions.

This is one of the most common essays prompt and this topic is basically ask you make discussion on your unique traits and strength and then explain about how they will assist you in the coming future. Some of the prompts explain educations ambitions, while other prompts focus on the employment. You can write about either or both of them for practice.

Discuss the historical figures that inspires you

This essay writing prompt is created so that you can express the traits and values that you admire in an interesting way. Select some less general historical figures to write on the maximum impact and how they are personally or occasionally influence you.

How this scholarship will help you attain your goals?

As you know, obviously the answer is money. But what they are really seeking for is the thing that you have plans like scholarship in question and clear ambitions to achieve them based on the merits.

Describe a solution to a problem

This essay writing prompt is a common one and describes a problem such as one posed by a common interpersonal situation, current event or etc. It may permit you to make a problem and how you can solve it.

Describe your role in a team if you are the part of it

Are you a leader or do you have any focus on become a support member of any team? There is no correct answer for this kind of question. Simply you can describe the skills and qualities when cooperation with others.

Discuss why education is important

This is one of the common essays prompt that you have seen. Keep in mind that you can describe about this topic in several aspects, like why it is significant globally, within families, within smaller communities and why it is important for getting a great career, or your personal growth being a human etc.

Discuss on a influential article or book that changes your outlook

This essays prompt is mostly on describing that you are capable of considers the new ideas and influential whether or not they are correct for you. After all, most of the education is on encountering the latest ideas and setting them in to the view of the world.

Discuss something that you have done that is made a variation in your community

This essays prompt assists the scholarship committee, which place you in a context; there is a lot that they can steady on you as a person by what you think about to making a difference, who you consider the community and so on.

4. Read and reread the essay statement and identify the key themes

Writing essays or dissertation is for most of the graduate students as the first instance in which they are essential to make a long scientific or academic document. The contents of essays are tending to more complex and may contain great idea about complex data and other information, which must be carefully explained and presented. Every information should be correct, the whole text should be organized, references must be thorough and consistent, accurate and the students writing should be clear and avoid errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. So while writing the essays, you have to think about it is essential to proof read each and every page, element and part with eyes gently focused, revising and editing as necessary to produce a text which is just right in every way.

Each of the students must proofread his essay work before it is shared with monitors for analysis and again before submitted for final examination. If you are proofreading a chapter or the whole essay, it is sensible to provide yourself a small time to add a distance and impartiality between writing the work and proofreading. Reading through the essay from the starting to end without any major interruptions and distractions is good for critically assessing the arguments and checking for variation in formatting and content. There are so matters, both minor and major to check and make correction for exactness and suitable format as you read- references and citations, divisions and headings, transitions and grammar, punctuation and spelling, capitalisation and numbers, specialised terminology and abbreviations and figures and tables to name only the most clear- that it can be hard to do everything concurrently.

It is always good to engage a second group of qualified eyes to get help you via the proofreading and editing process. A new reader will carry a fresh viewpoint and often be able to find out the problem that the author who knows what she or he wants to say or not. A fellow student who works within the discipline, really in the same topic area, can be vastly helpful, and so you can return to the favour when she or he need a proofreaders. Though if the language skills are not good or you do not have the inclination or patience to check small details, the answer is a professional proof reader. An academic or scientific proof reader those are familiar with the subject area and discipline which can catch not only the errors in typing, spelling, grammar, formatting and punctuation but also embarrassed unclear expressions, phrasing, missing information, irregularity of all types and even in mistakes in the data. The result is frequently striking and giving you with real corrections and enable you by making further improvements based on the expert suggestions from the proof readers.

5. Grasp every level meaning of the key themes

After the successful completion of the essay writing, you have to make a critical reading about the paper. There are number of strategies about critical reading and are as follows:

Previewing: Studying about a text before going to read really

Previewing enables the readers to make a sense of what the text is about and how it prepared before reading it directly. This easy strategy includes seeing what you can study from the head notes or any other introductory material, identifying the rhetorical situation, and gliding to get an impression of the organization and content.

Contextualizing: Placing a text in the biographical, cultural and historical contexts.

When you reading a text, you have to read it via the lens based on your own experience. Your understanding of the words in the page and their importance is learned by what you have come to understand and value from the living in a particular place and time. For critical reading, you have to contextualize, to distinguish the differences between the attitudes and contemporary values and those specified in the text.

Questioning to remember and Understand: Ask question about the content

As a student, you are familiar to teachers asking questions about the reading. Those questions are intended to help you to understand a reading and respond to it completely, and often this method works. While you have to understand and use new details through it is more helpful if you write the questions and are as read the content for the first time. With this kind of strategy, you can write questions any time, but in variety academic readings, you can understand the data better and remember it longer if you need to write a question for each paragraph or brief portion.

Reflecting on challenges to your values and beliefs: Examining the personal responses

The reading that you have to do for the class should challenge the attitude, your unconsciously held the beliefs, or your positions on the present issues. As you read the content for the first time mark an in the margin at every point where you will feel any personal challenges to the attitudes, status or beliefs. Make a short note in the margin on what you will feel or on what in the content made in the challenge.

Summarizing and Outlining: Determining the main points restating them in your own ideas.

Summarizing and outlining are particularly helpful methods for understanding the structure and content of a reading selection. While outlining discloses the basic structure of the content, brief synopsize the main argument selection. Outlining will be a part of annotating procedure, or it may be make separately. The key to both summarizing and outlining is being capable to identify between the main ideas and the supporting ideas and the examples.

Summarizing start with outlining, but instead of simply listing the main points, a summary remake them to the form of new content. While outlining depends to the close analysis of each of the paragraph, summarizing also needs creative synthesis.

Evaluating an Argument: Testing the logic of the text and its emotional impact and credibility

All of the writers always make assertions that they need to accept as true. As a critical reader, you have not accepted anything on face vale but to identify each assertion as an argument, which should be evaluated carefully. Claim and support are two parts of an argument. Claim asserts a conclusion, an opinion, an idea, a point of view or a judgement- that the writer needs to accept. If you asses an argument, you are worried with the methods of reasoning and its truthfulness.

Contrasting and Comparing related reading: exploring the differences and likenesses between the content to understand them good.

Most of the readers that we read are worried with the same problems or questions but approach how to evaluate them in variety methods.

6. Bring a wide range of materials to brainstorm on a given topic

As all of us know that writing a research paper is not an easy task for the students, those are appearing for the research. So sometimes the scholars and students have help to write and complete the research papers. There are number of Top essay writing service can be seen in the web for getting the assistance for the successful completion of the research essay. These kind of support sites are offering some resources to help the students to use, evaluate and correctly cite the sources for their research.

Before start to type the essay that is before going to hit the fingers on the keyboard, the scholars and the students writing the research essay have to consider the rules for using, evaluating, and citing the sources. The top essay writing service like support site is completely of handy and downloadable sources to assist the students mot only to conduct the research property, but also have to understand the library terminology to improve the experience in the research.

The following are some of the tools that will help the researchers in the library:

Seeking for reliable information?

For writing the essay based on a specific topic, first you have to collect the resources for the successful completion of the essay. So a guide that will help the students for distinguishing between the unreliable and trustworthy authors and websites.

Writing a research paper:

While writing the research paper based on a specific topic you have to concentrate on the topic. And you have to make an explanation for the plagiarism and how to avoid the same in your research paper.

Researching at the Library:

For the successful completion of the research paper you have to make search in the library. A reference for most of the common library contents to make easy communication between the librarians and researchers.

How to write Works cited page:

In this portion you can add examples on how to correctly cite the resources.

How to Avoid plagiarism:

In this, you can use a guide for correctly paraphrasing and citing the work of others.

7. Respond with your own ideas to the topic, but in a critical manner

Altering the way that you consider and process the information can help the you to improve the clarity and structure of the conclusion and arguments. The following are the points that will gives a little tips that you can use to boost the critical thinking.

Reflecting on what you are said.

Take time to consider the reaction to information. Do you consent with it? Are you excited or surprised by it? Do you think about the links to information that you have? If you disbelieve or disagree it, why?

Watching how information is obtainable.

Is it in a table, paragraph, a graph, an illustration, chart or map? Can you think good ways to increase how you tell information that you have read about?

Comparing the details with earlier knowledge.

Does the new details confirm or extend the earlier knowledge, and how does it work like this? Does it insert more contradict or instances it with the results which are different?

Consider the reputation or Skills and abilities who are giving the information.

Ask always about the probaballe bias of any details that source should be. What is in it for them? Is the information source consistent, and how can be sure of this?

Differentiating between the fact, opinion and hypothesis.

Facts are realties and truths, and what proof exist to prove. Hypothesis are ideas or theories which have to be tested by the academic enquiry. Opinion is personal which is based on impressions, limited research, and experience that you can’t to demonstrate opinions independently.

Determining the conclusion of the argument.

Conclusion are what that you are left with after an argument or discussion. Conclusion are not at all always simple like the truth.

Determining the steps in an argument.

The steps in an argument explain the thoughts and links process between the conclusion and the data given.

Evaluating the quality of the proof presented.

How better is the proof? Who and where did it come from? How is it obtained? Ask always who lose and who gains.

Aware of what has not been wondering and discussed why not.

Sometimes key points of information or data are missing from the data set. So always ask yourself what the information is not telling you and what it is.

Evaluating and analysing the argument.

Evaluating the data means giving a value- not pretty marks out ten but enough to answer to the question. Is the conclusion or argument good? Does it define all the situation or only some of them? Does it have leave or flaws embarrassed examples out?

Making decisions, judgements and inferences.

Making an inference is while you write a conclusion from what is optional but not clearly stated. Decisions normally involve choices and come after then evaluate the variety of possibilities. Likewise Judgements, come after the evaluations and normally state a preference for one thing over the another after you have identified both.

Weighing up the proofs and presenting your own argument.

It includes judging and evaluating it could be that none of the arguments or theories given looking to work in all cases. Hence you can propose your own argument.

8. Do research and use info to prop up your statement

It is a proved thing that any of the essay will be only the as good as or successful as the research material that gathered before the original writing. Or in other words the good that you can research and the high material you have at the disposal to make a successful essay, the good it will be. Therefore how can you develop the fact that gathering the expertise?

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Variety of resources
  3. Expand your Subject
  4. Study the bibliography
  5. Study how to assess the worth of material
  6. Get a extraordinary filling system

Brainstorming the ideas: It is one of the great way to the gather the facts. You have to need the basis idea, theme, or subject of your essay at the top of piece of paper. After that without pausing to think about the thoughts, you can write anything and everything that you can think it because of the subject. Forget the punctuation and spelling and just get the facts on the paper. You can find it free flowing process is a good way to gather the facts.

Use a variety of Sources: Do not think about one website or one book will be enough. Be prepared to look different places and do not forget to enlarge the subject. Do not use a common subject to go for searching for things but rather make it as a detailed one. Purify the subject and allow a quality search engine to assist you to gather the facts.

While there is any suggested reference book for the subject, then the bibliography can be a gold mine as far as identifying the facts that concerned. Learn the bibliography in detail and opt the relevant sources.

However, you can do yourself a power of good if you can create the skill of assessing the value of the material. Because the research material seems like being related to the subject and it doesn’t mean that will be. Keep in mind that the subject of the essay and if the search material that you are reading is not applicable, cut it.

Finally, the filling system is all significant. You can gather the facts over the days, weeks and applicably even months. You can collect the truth and then will assess them and probably use them in the coming future. You have a simple but efficient storage system, so that you can then easily find out the facts. You have to be able to gather the different types of facts but you should, repeat should have an safe and efficient system of storing them for the future reference. If you will any difficulties in gathering the information, you can use any of the top essay writing service.

9. Fill your scholarship essay with keywords used in the scholarship statement

There is no a way to write the winning scholarship essay. If you collect all the scholarship entries that have ever won the prize, you have to find it hard to identify what made them as same. Each would provide a different style that employed by the writer, a single insight into her or his past, present and future ambition.

This individuality is the key point, and the initial point to remember while you select the pen to write. Create the scholarship essay that select to you, analyse it, explore deep in to the passion and move to learn the subject, and make a response that could only ever narrate to you. It is the uniqueness that stands out, and that is correctly what catches the eyes and describes a winner. The following are some of the tips for writing a wining scholarship essay. Most of the top essay writing service will provide these kind of assistance to the students.

Read and re-read the essay topic that you are being asked to respond to, and find the key themes

The first and most important step in writing the scholarship essay is to identify the key themes. Even if the topic is large, you have to find out the key point of that topic and make it in the right sense.

Understand the meaning of the key themes

After the successful identification of the key point of the topic, it is significant to understand what every point of the ideas really means, further than the beginning level. The more and more depth that you are ready to bring the understanding of the meaning of each of the theme, the more and more examples that you will be capable to find out to demonstrate the abilities.

Fill the scholarship essay with synonyms/keywords that used in the scholarship topic

You can use the keywords in the scholarship essay topic throughout the essay and can demonstrate the commitment to concentrate the topic that are being asked.

Create an engaging beginning for the essay

If you feel any difficulties to start the scholarship essay, it is better to add or include a statement or quote that related to the planned courses, and which you can then connect to the main section of the content. Presenting wider range of knowledge, and aptitude for the topic will help the convince the judgement that it is a valuable investment to support in the selected course.

Understand the criteria that are used by the scholarship committee to examine the scholarship essays

In this section, you can outlined the key criteria that are used by the scholarship essay committee judges for examining the scholarship essay on the basis of key themes. If the question is asked explicitly, you can address each and every key point of the scholarship essay topic.

10. Articulate your idea in clear, logical, and well-structured prose

The analytical part is the most mistreated section in the GRE for the long time. Since it is not very important or it is not easy to score high in the AWA. The following are the guidance for the GRE analytical writing:

Introduction to GRE analytical Writing:

Getting to know about the writing part on the GRE will not only obtain you to a perfect score, but also assist you to become a good writer.

Issue Essay vs Argument essay- the key differences:

You have to avoid confusion between the two different types of AWA essays by understanding the main key differences. These key differences can help you to study the depth on both types of essay and how to tackle them quickly.

Major Points that Boost your AWA Score:-

Studying the different factors that will affect the AWA score positively will assist you for better writing, and score high in AWA. These points have a profound impression about how you can score on the AWA part.

The step by step process to Conquer the AWA:-

This include 6 steps and followed in the order, will assist you to conquer the AWA part in the GRE. Begin the toughest in the AWA essay questions with these types of steps.

Examples and make analysis on perfect AWA essays:-

Understanding how a perfect essay must seems like will assist you to write good sounding, good scoring essays.

Types of false reasoning that you should avoid in the argument essay:-

Beware of these kind of steps wrong reasoning traps in the argument essay.

Effective strategies for saving time on the AWA section:-

Sit back, relax and see others end up with incomplete essay. Study these efficient time management strategies.

Most transitional phrases and words that you must score high on the AWA section:-

Revolve the average essay paper into a phenomenal part of literature with the transitional phrases or words. You can use these words to your essay make it as a good story.

Mistakes that you should avoid while writing the AWA essays:-

Learning about the mistakes that you have to avoid while writing the AWA story.

11. Write an outline or a rough draft

Writing a rough draft is an important part of the writing of a research paper. It gives an opportunity to get the initial thoughts and ideas on the paper. It may be difficult to jump right into a rough draft of a research paper. You must start the writing by brainstorming the ideas for the draft to get the creative juices flowing and can take time to outline the draft.


While writing the rough draft, the important think that you keep in mind is that the objective of the introduction is to capture the attention of the readers. Then give them a primer on what you are going to discuss in detail throughout the essay paper. So you have to ensure that you have a little strong, captivating starting sentences which address the topic without giving too away, followed by cohesive, clear information on really you will be descriptive in the writing. Your thesis will be the central part of the introduction. Along with a good thesis, good introduction in the rough draft will shortly elaborate on the particular points that you will writing in each of the body paragraph, giving a common overview about what is to come in later.

Body Paragraph

In the rough draft, the body paragraph must be where that you concentrate the brunt of energy. Since these are the parts of the essay and you are defending the thesis statement, you have first and foremost ensure that you are giving the reader with sufficient supporting data and research for each nuance or tangent branching off the main data. If you can reorganize the sections of the essay that you need to later on the rough draft is a good time to simply dump the information into the suitable body paragraph, and then give your own analysis. This method will assist you to give the essay some semblance of what it will finally seems like by the time that you have completed in the revision procedure.


The conclusion of the rough draft must provide a couple of variety of purposes. Most significantly, the conclusion has to efficiently summarize the ideas that you discussed throughout the essay. This commonly means covering the information in a process similar to how that you already did in the paragraph of introduction.

12. Compose a strong statement that summarizes your points

There are two kinds of summaries, a reader summary, which you create to develop a better understanding of what you want, or a summary essay, that is written for others and is a general idea of an original content. The following are the steps for writing the summary of an essay:

  1. Carefully read and learn the original content. While you read it, get a feeling for the author’s tone, mood and style and try to find the main ideas
  2. Divide the content into different sections, and make a rough outline. Break the content into several parts will create the material easier to access. Then read every part again, but this time emphasize the main points. Make areas that you have to refer in the summary and those that shouldn’t include in the essay
  3. If you have a clear understanding of the data in each part of the resource, write the main ideas in every section in the form of a brief overview.
  4. Writing an introduction: It must shortly present the key points in the original content. The introduction must include the name of the author, the title, and some of the background about the author if any.
  5. In the main body paragraph, mention the ideas in the original content, your essay is completed. A Conclusion paragraph must be included if your instructor specifically told you to include one.
13. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your rough draft

Efficient reading is on reading in a manner that allows you to know the message of the writer without spending too time in the process. It is also on reading with a clear objective in mind so that you can only read the thing that is applicable. If you are reading in preparation for an essay writing or knowing generally, don’t forget that good reading methods go hand in hand with good note skills ability.

Have you ever identify that you have read a content without correctly knowing what the author was talking?

Have you ever read bundle of books without being any of the wiser on what the reply to your essay topic should be?

While you have ever has these issues, then you read the content inefficiently. Well organized reading begins with selecting a method to suit the type of the content that you need to read, since the purpose in reading and the nature of the content that have to be read will identify the strategy. The purpose of reading should be to:

  1. Assemble the information for an essay
  2. Study about a specific topic or know a specific theory
  3. Make preparation for an exam

In all of the above cases, the nature of the content will help you to consider how to read the essay. The methods for reading a textbook, for example are vary from those utilized while reading the journal articles.

14. Identify and fill in missing parts with cutting edge technology

After the successful drafting of the essay, you have accessed the perspective of observation. Was the topic matter more complex than that you predicated? Did the fixed ideas prove minute interest than finding that you made while writing the essay? Would you like to revise the essay, but feel unsure on how to do like that?

The following are some of the points that will help you to revise the essay:

  1. Put the draft aside, Time away from the essay will allow for high objective self-evaluation
  2. Obtain the feedback. Because you have already know what you are trying to write, you are not always the good judge of where the draft is unclear or clear. Let other reader will tell you. Then make discussion on what you are trying to achieve. In expressing for someone else, what you defined to argue, you will explain the information for yourself.
  3. Create a backward outline for the essay. Find out the main ideas in each of the paragraph. Rank their significance in advancing the thesis. Think about the connections between and among the ideas.
  4. Rethink the thesis. Based on what you did in the preceding step, reorganize the argument: rearrange the points, cut redundancies or irrelevancies, add implications and complications. You may need to return to the content for extra evidence.
  5. Now that you have to understand what you are normally arguing, work about the introduction and the conclusion. Ensure that to start the paragraphs to those planned in the thesis.
  6. Make proof reading. Objective for economy and precision in language. Read loudly so you can hear good infelicities.
15. Refine and reword the final draft, if needed

A final draft of an essay is a piece of writing which will be handed in as your good work. Students must treat creating a final draft as a task of improved significance, since it is their last choice to improve the paper and correct if any flaws.

The following are the steps for creating the Final draft of the essay:

  1. You can take a break after the successful completion of the second draft creation. You will need to revise the second draft at least three times until it is put in the order and take rest before started to write the final copy of the essay.
  2. Do a spelling check of the second draft. You must revise the essay in terms of the misspelled words, accidental repetition of word and typos; you have to perform a punctuation checking at this instance.
  3. Make a grammar check. It is a procedure which needs extreme caution, since grammatical mistakes may be far less clear than the spelling errors. This check implies that the correcting faulty parallelisms, issues with noun-verb agreement, hanging participles, improper use of passive voice and so on.
  4. After the completion of checking the language of the essay paper, it is the time to pay the attention to its technical side. This contains the reference list, formatting style, in text citations and the page of title. Ensure that all of these matched with the needs of the teacher or the publication that you are going to submit the essay.
  5. Revise the total piece of the essay writing once again. Because it is the final time that you will read through it with the purpose of make corrections if any, be additional attentive and check each small detail in the content. Examine the structure of the essay, the way that you arguments are arranged, and the reliability of those arguments. Check for non-existent or poor transitions between the paragraphs, make attention to the grammar, syntax, stylistics and the punctuation.

The following are some of the points that you have to consider in the process of final drafting.

  1. Reading the final draft will allow you a way of take a fresh look at what you have written in the essay. Weakness in the essay writing is normally simple to notice while heard.
  2. The paper must be written in your own style of words, except the abstract from where you are using the citations. It is always good to show the understanding of the problem, even though it is incorrect, than to frame the ideas in the words of other author. A final draft is the last choice to exclude the possible signs of plagiarism from the essay paper.
  3. By using a computer for proofreading is a good idea, because the content processing software often have a function of automatic grammar and spelling checking. Though, the proofreading on your own once gain after the checking of the computer, it is still optional to avoid the mistakes that a computer may not have found.


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