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Writing a Great Research Paper

The research paper is often a frightening assignment to students because of its length and the fact that it contains research and, therefore, does not come from the student’s imagination. Writing a research paper is a test of a student’s ability to search out, recognize, accumulate, organize, and interpret a set of facts on a given topic. The main goal of the research paper is to teach the student how to gather necessary information from the library and other media sources.
The main objective of this unit is to make the research paper seems less intimidating, and to provide you with an understanding of the process of writing the research paper from beginning to end. You have been provided with an evaluation chart and assigned dates to assist in time management.

The unit has been divided chronologically into 13 sections:
Selecting a Topic
Selecting Resources and Materials
Recording Resource Materials Used
Writing the Preliminary Outline (Power Thinking)
Extracting Information from Text (Bookmark, Selective Underlining)
Taking Notes and Organizing Information (Selective Underlining, Power Notes, Power Piling)
Documenting your Sources
Writing the Final Outline (Power Notes Revised)
Writing the First Draft (Spool Papers, Power Paragraph)
Revising and Rewriting the First Draft
Writing and Typing the Final Paper
Evaluating the Research Paper
Presenting your Research Material
It is our hope that this unit will help you understand the research process more easily…Let’s get started!


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